Our fast growing portfolio is changing the way that global food supply chains operate.  Enabling them to be safer, more efficient, and ultimately more sustainable.


Discovering novel crop protection chemicals

Transforming the agricultural supply chain through a specialized E-commerce platform dedicated to the European farmer


Caribou is the world leader in genome engineering using CRISPR-Cas9

Farmobile develops real-time proprietary data collection tools that standardize geo-located agronomic and machine data, regardless of the manufacturer

Innovative materials that extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables leading to reduced wastage and higher quality produce


High throughput digital phenotyping equipment & software to help plant breeders develop better crops, faster, and cheaper

Platform for the rapid discovery and commercialization of novel insecticides based on natural peptides

Pioneering the development of natural product derived crop protection products utilizing the latest advances in organic chemistry and synthetic biology


Chemical reformulation technologies to improve the innate efficacy of agro chemicals

Protein preservation technologies to enable the use of low cost cold chain shipping logistics for the movement of fresh proteins

Low cost water desalination using capacitive deionization