“Engineering any genome, at any site, in any way”

Caribou was founded in 2011 by scientists from Jennifer Doudna’s lab at the University of California, Berkeley to drive the commercialization of applications based on CRISPR based gene editing. Their CRISPR-Cas9 editing platform enables modification of genes in any form of life, cheaper, faster and more precisely than before.

The disruptive potential of the technology positions Caribou at the forefront of advancements in multiple major markets, including:

Through the formation of alliances with industry leaders in each of these markets, such as Du Pont and Novartis, as well as internal technology and product development, Caribou has been driving the adoption of their technology.  Next to this, they have co-founded Intellia Therapeutics in 2014 to develop human gene and cell therapies using Cas9.


For further information on Caribou please visit www.cariboubio.com