Food security concerns us all.

The world population is growing, living longer and, on average, becoming more affluent.  As a consequence the demand for food is expected to rise by some 60% by 2050.  At the same time we are running out of the natural resources needed to sustain agriculture, options to expand arable land acreage are limited, and we need to reduce the ecological impact of agribusiness.  So the food and agri value chain will have to produce more with less, ensuring sustainability and economic viability for the long term.  Food security is a vastly complex issue.  To make it 

The food supply chain is facing a number of fundamental challenges.  


Rather than re-inventing the wheel we thought that we would let our investor, and leading global bank to the food industry, Rabobank explain a little more.


Innovation has a clear role to play in helping the food industry rise to meet its growing challenges.


In the video below Rabobank's head of research, Justin sherrard, explains his 10 ideas for transforming the industry.