It’sFresh! Announces Sustainability Goal: 10 Million Pounds of Fruit Prevented from Waste

April 29, 2014

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINN. (April 29, 2014) – It’sFresh!, a company delivering solutions to enhance food freshness and reduce food waste, today announced a new sustainability goal, the diversion of 10 million pounds of fruit from the waste-stream by 2015 as a result of its technology. The announcement was made at the Walmart Sustainability Product Expo in Rogers, Ark.

“Day after day, fruit is being discarded that sadly should be consumed and enjoyed,” said Greg Pavett, president of It’sFresh! “We wanted to put a meaningful and measurable stake in the ground when it comes to our technology’s impact curbing this waste epidemic. We have to start taking better care of our precious resources. It’sFresh! helps by extending the quality of fruit by 1-3 days during the ‘last mile’ where most of the waste occurs.”

It’sFresh! is a paper-thin, food-grade sheet developed to trap ethylene, the natural ripening hormone that greatly contributes to premature spoilage. Used by select, major retailers throughout the world, It’sFresh! has proven to extend the shelf life of berries, stone fruit, tomatoes, avocados and other fruit.

A recent study completed by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization found that global food waste amounts to 1.3 billion tons annually and results in an estimated $750 billion in economic losses.

The Walmart Product Sustainability Expo is taking place from April 29 to May 1. This Expo, which focuses on advancing packaging and supplier collaboration, allows Walmart and Sam’s Club suppliers to network and share best practices on numerous sustainability topics. Organizations attending the Walmart Product Sustainability Expo are encouraged to visit the It’sFresh! booth to find out how they can participate in the 10 million pound challenge.

About It’sFresh! Inc.

It’sFresh! is part of the Food Freshness Technology group, a high tech innovations company focused on delivering comprehensive solutions for food freshness.

These unique technologies are delivered via state-of-the-art materials developed in partnership with world-leading research and technology organizations. For more information about It’sFresh!, visit



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