BluWrap Adds Iceland to International Shipping Routes

October 7, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO – October 7, 2014 – BluWrap, the company that naturally extends the shelf life of fresh proteins, announced today it has begun shipping fresh Icelandic cod, haddock and Arctic Char from Rekyjavik, Iceland to the US. The shipments by sea to Portland, Maine are part of a development project with Halldor Seafood in Iceland. Upon arrival in port, the product is then trucked to Boston, Massachusetts where the BluWrap atmosphere is released, the product evaluated, and then put into retail distribution.

The shipments use BluWrap’s patented technology that completely removes oxygen from around the product and controls the atmosphere en-route. The fish arrives in the destination market from Iceland with the same fresh quality as the day it came from the sea.

Petur Georgesson, Chief Executive Officer of Halldor Seafood said, “We’re particularly interested in leading the way in Iceland by adopting and developing this cutting-edge technology to bring the very freshest seafood to our customers with the lowest impact on the environment. By using BluWrap’s technology, not only are we getting an exceptionally high quality product, we also finally have an alternative to high-priced air freight for the North American market. It’s better for us, for our customers, our bottom line, and the environment.”

“Iceland is one of the next new frontiers for BluWrap technology,” stated Mark Barnekow, Chief Executive Officer of BluWrap. “With BluWrap, Icelandic suppliers can reduce their contribution to CO2 emissions from expensive airfreight, and replace it with a much more cost effective and cleaner logistics option. Our project with Halldor not only demonstrates BluWrap’s ability to ship cod, haddock and Arctic char with low impact on the environment, it also opens a new market for fresh, sustainable Icelandic product in volume.”

The new route is an addition to the existing regular shipments of salmon from Chile to Asia, Europe, and the US. Using ocean shipping rather than air freight to ship fresh seafood gives suppliers the ability to cost-effectively reach markets that are logistically too expensive or underserviced by air freight to open new markets and capture the best price and margin for their companies.


About BluWrap

Based in San Francisco, California with operations in Talcahuano, Chile, BluWrap provides naturally extended shelf-life technology that has revolutionized the fresh protein supply chains worldwide. The company’s technology system uses its patented oxygen management techniques to create and maintain an all-natural controlled atmosphere environment that extends the shelf life of perishable proteins. This breakthrough technology allows suppliers of fresh protein products to ship by ocean rather than more expensive airfreight and still deliver a fresh, high quality product to customers. For more information, visit



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