BluWrap Presents Supply Chain Innovation to McDonald’s

April 20, 2015

BluWrap was selected as one of 10 companies to present to global supply chain executives at McDonald’s as part of its Innovation Café events. Organized by Sandbox Industries, a venture capital firm that manages more than $420 million of strategic investments, the event was designed to inspire new thinking and technology engagement strategies for McDonald’s, as well as identify potential partners.

“Our aim is to help our corporate clients like McDonald’s innovate and compete by brokering introductions to new and interesting technology companies. BluWrap was a perfect fit because it provides naturally extended shelf-life technology and solutions that have revolutionized fresh food supply chains worldwide,” said Peter Newell, Executive Director, Sandbox Innovation Partners (Sandbox Industries’ new consulting arm).

BluWrap CEO, Mark Barnekow, presented to members of McDonald’s supply chain leadership board, as well as executives from McDonald’s key suppliers.



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