Vestaron’s Bioinsecticide Now Registered for Use on More Crops and Insects

May 5, 2015

New bioinsecticides from Vestaron® bring synthetic levels of insect control in a biological pesticide.

Vestaron has received expanded EPA registration for its biological insect control products. These innovative bioinsecticides, which are derived from newly discovered naturally occurring peptides, will be commercially available later this year under the Spear™ trade name. The new registration represents a significant expansion of crops and insects covered. Included are caterpillars (Lepidoptera), beetles (Coleoptera), and thrips (Thysanoptera). Scientific data for bee and other beneficial insect safety are very encouraging.

“The approval of this expanded label represents a significant milestone in our pursuit of successful commercialization of this highly efficacious and environmental friendly technology. It’s truly an exciting time for Vestaron,” says Mark Quick, VP of Business Development and Marketing.

“Insect resistance to existing chemistries is a huge concern. Vestaron’s products with their unique mode of action and outstanding safety profile provides growers with a new and effective option for control of target pests. They will be a prime choice in resistance management programs, while providing growers greater flexibility in field operations. The aim is delivering high quality crops that meet the demands of food retailers and consumers,” Quick said. “Our immediate focus is to greatly expand field testing and demonstration trials so growers have the opportunity to see the value of this new technology first hand.”



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