Sassenheim, December 2015

Voltea, the world’s leader in membrane Capacitive Deionization (CapDI©), has recently introduced CapDI© into the automotive paint line industry for rinse water reuse. The deionization technology allows rinse water to be reused on the paint lines, which reduces the demand on municipal feed water while dramatically lowering wastewater. After submitting the winning proposal, Voltea recently installed an IS12 at a world-class super-car manufacturer in the U.S. to ensure the highest quality rinse water for these vehicles.
Voltea’s IS systems have the ability to reclaim up to 95% of pre-treatment wastewater from paint lines and other coating processes. To achieve the highest quality required of these coating lines, extremely clean water is mandatory. CapDI©placed after conventional particulate filtration methods tunably reduces TDS enabling automotive and other coating manufacturers to reduce their municipal water demand while moving toward a zero waste liquid discharge goal.

These features, coupled with Voltea’s remote monitoring solutions minimize maintenance and allow manufacturers to focus on their core business of producing world-class automobiles and other high quality painted and coated products. The modular nature of the IS systems enable their placement line-side to processes, both incorporating into other pre-existing recycling systems, as well as offering standalone operation.

The robust, reliable water treatment systems offered by Voltea incorporate fully automated self-cleaning with dynamic control ensuring the water produced is of consistent high quality, adjusting to varying concentration of feed constituents.




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